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CCEx is a software development company with as current areas of activity: Information Security, Game Development and Artificial & Virtual Intelligence.

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About us:

Our primary goal at CCEx is to build a better future for the people, on the software scene as well as in the real world, like what Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman have done for humanity by creating GNU/Linux and the Free Software Foundation.

We do this by developing Free Software accessible by anybody anywhere for free (like in free beer), freely (like in freedom).

To do this we simply sell licenses of our software for commercial use, and release its code for free to individuals and non-profit organizations. Just like what many software companies have done or do currently.

It's a very viable model, if done correctly, and everybody should profit from it.

For more info about our company and its ongoing projects among which a downloadable alpha version free space shooter game, please browse the according menu link in the top horizontal menu (under Projects).