Our Staff:

Picture of member Ali Janah is a graphic designer by training, from Casablanca, Morocco. He worked for various big and smaller companies like "Sinfa" the Moroccan automobile filters' manufacturer which was later on acquired by an US multinational, "Aventis" the pharmaceutical giant, and "Unibrossa" the producer of house as well as industrial brushes. He worked for two communication agencies: "Lesart Communication" and "Expression Communication", he also studied Journalism (Print Media) and Hostelry & Restaurant and worked at the "A La Bazenne" restaurant as a service clerk. He also currently volunteers as a graphic designer as well as a photographer for the "Orange Bleue" French environmental and agro-ecological NGO.

Vladimir Miloserdov is a Software Engineer from Barnaul, Russia, who did lots of small projects on Python and C++, and has other diverse experience, like participating in CTF (security contest). He is currently an intern at Synopsys Inc, and has studied software engineering at the Saint Petersburg State University, and volunteered at the same city's International Cultural Forum.

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Our Interns:

Zakaria Qasbaji is an AI & Software Engineering Student from Casablanca, Morocco, currently working on our VIVACE project while being also an intern at MAScIR-the Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Science, Innovation and Research. He is experienced in AI (Scikit-Learn, OpenCV, TensorFlow), Data analysis, Databases, Business Intelligence, Cloud computing, Python, Java, C/C++, Matlab, R, Bash, Web Development, Mobile Development, Networks, and Wireless Networks, Security.

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Ali Barj Picture Ali Barj is also an AI & Software Engineering Student from Casablanca, Morocco, also currently working on our VIVACE project. He has an Engineers Degree in AI and Software Development and he is experienced in Data Science, Scientific Methodology, Exploratory Data Analysis, ML/DL, Computer Vision, Software Engineering Back-end development, Data structures, Design patterns, and Database design.