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One Day at the Med-IT Skhirat, Morocco

Brochures and cards
Not so long ago, I have received an invitation to the Moroccan "Med-IT" IT Salon taking place at the "Palais des Congrès", at Skhirat, a small city between Casablanca and Rabat, where important conferences and meetings take place, and decided to attend since there were to be presentations about Information Security among other things. 
I have found, to my grand delight; Seagate, Karspersky, ESET, Plantronics, etc.. among the exhibitors, and have talked to a gentle representative of ESET about our company and their company's services, and the eventual business which could be made between us.
From what he said, they have a team which can pen-test systems and algorithms, and they also train around cyber-security, both of which really interested me, and I have expressed to him my interest in those areas. We exchanged business cards, and said goodbye, I will probably come back to him when I need to test our algorithm and encryption software, "leet".
I have also attended a few conferences, where I learned among other things, that data was, in our time, more valued than petrol, and also more durable.
I have made a stop by a stand by Seagate, where I learned that I could acquire Hard Disks and SSDs at a lower price than at a re-seller.. More on this later, as I am exhausted after a trip via Train and Taxis, now I really need to take a sit and digest all these events.
Keep coming back for more!