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Incoming Presentation

Vidéo Screenshot We will be posting an explanatory video presentation to better cover the main topics around the "leet" software and algorithm in a more engaging and entertaining way than text only. So stay with us, and we might just surprise you with something interesting enough for you to watch.


Our Patreon Page

Patreon Logo

We are aware that our Patreon support page, of which the link was found via a button at the bottom of the Finances' page of our website, was a "mess" to say the least.

So we made some edits, and updated it along with the "Gold tier" membership to better reflect what you get for the money you spend to support us with that tier, this latter being aimed at enterprises, governments and other institutions with sufficient enough funds to afford such a tier, if we can get such entities to help us financially of course.

Also, soon, we will be adding a video to our Patreon page to explain the benefits of the "leet" software and the in-house encryption algorithm in a hopefully more entertaining and engaging way!

So stay tuned, follow us on LinkedIn if you haven't already done so and see you soon.

In the long run ? Screw Patreon and any donation based funding (and pardon my French), we are going to fund this thing on our own and give it to Humanity for free. God willing..

Thanks and cheers.


VIVACE Project Progression

VIVACE Look Preview

After a long period of inactivity on the VIVACE project, here is some advancement.

First, we made a preliminary design preview on what the VIVACE assistant should look like (picture on the left).

Then, we extended our team of developers with two interns with relevant skills for the project. With this we should get started on the software development phase. We have already organized meetings about the project and are in the early processes of coordinating our efforts towards our goal.

That's about it for now, make sure to follow our LinkedIn page for further information and news:

Stay tuned for more progress in the near future.

New Repository for Engage Files



The build files for the Engage space shooter project have migrated from Dropbox to, the links in the according project page found through the top menu bar have been updated, source code will be updated as well to reflect the GitHub repository soon enough.



The leet's First Prototype

leet screenshot

The first "leet" working prototype is available at GitHub, you can download it now and experiment with it, it still has a few bugs which must be ironed out, and it should be simpler than this and more user friendly, but the first building blocks are already put in place.

You can now create a main key, then encrypt any file with the AES cipher then decrypt it, the application might crash, and the README file should be updated soon for software requirements, if it doesn't work for you, you might have to install "pycrypto" and "setuptools" python 3 libraries. But please remember, this is early alpha software. All features aren't implemented yet, and there are still bugs in the code.

For a more complete description of the build instructions, see the appropriate project post under the "Projects" menu item.


One More Step!

Business cards and stamp One step at a time, it is said, isn't it? One step closer to success we have made, the CCEx name is now a protected trademark for one year at least, next step is to register it for 10 years, this however is going to be a challenge as more paperwork is to be done, and securing the trademark for 10 more years at a time isn't guaranteed.

In other news, I have put up a repository for the source code of the "Engage" space shooter project, downloadable here:  "see source code chapter", and we have made some progress on the "leet" OTFE software and algorithm project, you can access the code and request to contribute to it via the GitHub page found in the previous blog post.

Next will be unlocking more funds to fuel our development, via whatever mean possible. I will see with my bank tomorrow, I have read that there are procedures for funding startups like ours via banks and associations. That should be interesting to discover, and ease on my personal resources as I have been funding all this on my own so far.

I should also put the donation button back up in some page on our site, to let you donate in case there is any interest in helping fund our projects, in the coming days.

That's about all for this time, keep on reading for more!


So Far..

Code screenshot Here is what our engineer has been up to so far, basically a structure for our project:

1) crypto for algorithms, currently implemented abstract class and derived Caesar cipher as an example
2) ui - currently not implemented, only basic bypass to test things
3) driver
4) test - automated unit tests, currently done testing of Caesar cipher

GitHub Page Up!

Github icon As you can see here:, we now have a GitHub page to host our code, you are free to browse it for non commercial use, as commercial licenses will be paid for. Our engineer hasn't uploaded any code yet, but it should only be a matter of a few days before everything will be accessible there.

Keep coming back for more!


Professional Page Up at LinkedIn!

Linkedin screenshot

We now have an official page at LinkedIn, we are in the process of setting up this page with current employees and all the available information, and later in the day we should make more progress on the "leet" project.

Our contractor has quietly done work on "leet" since this last Monday... I am excited to discover what kind of news he is going to reveal to us.

I am currently preparing a presentation for our collaboration, to better explain my vision about the project.

A Signboard! And Some Other Exquisite Things...

Desk Tomorrow is a holiday here in Morocco. So things should slow down a bit with the weekend following pretty closely.On Monday however, pressure is to be expected as I have a long list of things to do, for the company and myself. And among the things to do for the company is, getting a signboard for our reception room. It should go right next to the Botticelli painting which is next to the door, I should have a photo of the board as soon as we install it. In the meantime, I let you see a picture of my desk where I work.
In other news I have made some advance on administrative tasks for CCEx, I have been out of town at an administration, some papers to fill and sign. It has been a pain to come back though as the road leads to the highway, so no taxis. A bit of walking et voilà! A taxi! Out of nowhere, as we expect them!

More news on Monday or sooner likely...
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