CCEx is a software development company (based in Casablanca, Morocco) with as current areas of activity: Information Security, Game Development and Artificial & Virtual Intelligence.


Our primary goal at CCEx is to build a better future for the people, on the software scene as well as in the real world, like what Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman have done for humanity by creating GNU/Linux and the Free Software Foundation. And this, by developing Free software accessible by anybody anywhere for free (like in free beer), freely (like in freedom).

To do this we simply sell licenses of our software for commercial use, and release its code for free to individuals and non-profit Treeorganizations. Just like what many software companies have done or do currently. It's a very viable model, if done correctly, and everybody should profit from it, even YOU!

To start profiting, it's as simple as browsing our pages found above.



One Day at the Med-IT Skhirat, Morocco

BorchuresNot so long ago, I have received an invitation to the Moroccan "Med-IT" IT Salon taking place at the "Palais des Congrès", at Skhirat, a small city between Casablanca and Rabat, where important conferences and meetings take place, and decided to attend since there were to be presentations about Information Security among other things. 

I have found, to my grand delight; Seagate, Karspersky, ESET, Plantronics, etc.. among the exhibitors, and have talked to a gentle representative of ESET about our company and their company's services, and the eventual business which could be made between us.

From what he said, they have a team which can pen-test systems and algorithms, and they also train around cyber-security, both of which really interested me, and I have expressed to him my interest in those areas. We exchanged business cards, and said goodbye, I will probably come back to him when I need to test our algorithm and encryption software, "leet".

I have also attended a few conferences, where I learned among other things, that data was, in our time, more valued than petrol, and also more durable.

I have made a stop by a stand by Seagate, where I learned that I could acquire Hard Disks and SSDs at a lower price than at a re-seller.. More on this later, as I am exhausted after a trip via Train and Taxis, now I really need to take a sit and digest all these events.

Keep coming back for more!


Installing *.msi files on WINE

Question! How to install .msi files on WINE.

Answer! Type the following command in the console :

wine msiexec /i xyz.msi

Note! Replace xyz by your file name.


Splitting an mpeg video file

Question! How to split an mpeg video file under Linux via console command.

Answer! Enter the following command (you need ffmpeg for it to work properly) into the console :

ffmpeg -vcodec copy -ss 00:00:00 -t 01:00:00 -i input.mpg output.mpg

Note! Make sure to change the orange colored text to the appropriate names for the input and output video files and also change the starting time and end time defined respectively by the -ss and -t arguments.

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