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One More Step!

Business cards and stamp One step at a time, it is said, isn't it? One step closer to success we have made, the CCEx name is now a protected trademark for one year at least, next step is to register it for 10 years, this however is going to be a challenge as more paperwork is to be done, and securing the trademark for 10 more years at a time isn't guaranteed.

In other news, I have put up a repository for the source code of the "Engage" space shooter project, downloadable here:  "see source code chapter", and we have made some progress on the "leet" OTFE software and algorithm project, you can access the code and request to contribute to it via the GitHub page found in the previous blog post.

Next will be unlocking more funds to fuel our development, via whatever mean possible. I will see with my bank tomorrow, I have read that there are procedures for funding startups like ours via banks and associations. That should be interesting to discover, and ease on my personal resources as I have been funding all this on my own so far.

I should also put the donation button back up in some page on our site, to let you donate in case there is any interest in helping fund our projects, in the coming days.

That's about all for this time, keep on reading for more!