1. Verbose Boot (Kubuntu)

    Question! How to make your boot verbose under Kubuntu (possibly same procedure for Ubuntu as well).

    Answer! You are going to need to edit the GRUB2 config file to enable verbose mode, so open a console then type the following command :

    sudo nano /etc/default/grub

    Then find the line that says :


    And remove the quiet and splash parts so that it reads :


    Then hold down the CTRL key and push the "o" button, this should overwrite the config file, just push ENTER when asked to save file.


    Then run the following command in console :

    sudo update-grub

    This should update GRUB2 to take the changes into account. Happy reboot!


    Note! To exit nano (the editor you ran through console to edit the GRUB2 config file), just hold down the CTRL key and push the "x" key, that should quit nano the editor.

  2. Using knotify to popup notifications

    Question! How to popup custom notifications in KDE via commands passed through the terminal.

    Answer! Type the following command in the console :

    kdialog --title "This is a passive popup" --passivepopup "It will disappear in about 10 seconds"


    Note! Replace the bold underlined text with your custom message.

  3. Installing *.msi files on WINE

    Question! How to install .msi files on WINE.

    Answer! Type the following command in the console :

    wine msiexec /i xyz.msi

    Note! Replace xyz by your file name.

  4. Splitting an mpeg video file

    Question! How to split an mpeg video file under Linux via console command.

    Answer! Enter the following command (you need ffmpeg for it to work properly) into the console :

    ffmpeg -vcodec copy -ss 00:00:00 -t 01:00:00 -i input.mpg output.mpg

    Note! Make sure to change the orange colored text to the appropriate names for the input and output video files and also change the starting time and end time defined respectively by the -ss and -t arguments.