DesktopTomorrow is a holiday here in Morocco. So things should slow down a bit with the weekend following pretty closely.

On Monday however, pressure is to be expected as I have a long list of things to do, for the company and myself. And among the things to do for the company is, getting a signboard for our reception room. It should go right next to the Botticelli painting which is next to the door, I should have a photo of the board as soon as we install it. In the meantime, I let you see a picture of my desk where I work.

In other news I have made some advance on administrative tasks for CCEx, I have been out of town at an administration, some papers to fill and sign. It has been a pain to come back though as the road leads to the highway, so no taxis. A bit of walking et voilà! A taxi! Out of nowhere, as we expect them!

More news on Monday or sooner likely...