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Our Patreon Page

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We are aware that our Patreon support page, of which the link was found via a button at the bottom of the Finances' page of our website, was a "mess" to say the least.

So we made some edits, and updated it along with the "Gold tier" membership to better reflect what you get for the money you spend to support us with that tier, this latter being aimed at enterprises, governments and other institutions with sufficient enough funds to afford such a tier, if we can get such entities to help us financially of course.

Also, soon, we will be adding a video to our Patreon page to explain the benefits of the "leet" software and the in-house encryption algorithm in a hopefully more entertaining and engaging way!

So stay tuned, follow us on LinkedIn if you haven't already done so and see you soon.

In the long run ? Screw Patreon and any donation based funding (and pardon my French), we are going to fund this thing on our own and give it to Humanity for free. God willing..

Thanks and cheers.