The leet's First Prototype

leetThe first "leet" working prototype is available at GitHub, you can download it now and experiment with it, it still has a few bugs which must be ironed out, and it should be simpler than this and more user friendly, but the first building blocks are already put in place.


Site Overhaul and Migration

Website ScreenshotWe now have moved our site from Google Sites to a standalone platform, with a new design and functionalities, the new site which you are seeing here shall be more flexible and expandable, more performant too!

The site isn't finished being rebuilt, you should see more pages/articles and addons in the following days.


One More Step!

StampOne step at a time, it is said, isn't it?

One step closer to success we have made, the CCEx name is now a protected trademark for one year at least, next step is to register it for 10 years, this however is going to be a challenge as more paperwork is to be done, and securing the trademark for 10 more years at a time isn't guaranteed.


So Far..

AppScreenHere is what our engineer has been up to so far, basically a structure for our project:

1) crypto for algorithms, currently implemented abstract class and derived Caesar cipher as an example
2) ui - currently not implemented, only basic bypass to test things
3) driver


GitHub Page Up!

GithubAs you can see here:, we now have a GitHub page to host our code, you are free to browse it for non commercial use, as commercial licenses will be paid for.

Our engineer hasn't uploaded


A Signboard! And Some Other Exquisite Things...

DesktopTomorrow is a holiday here in Morocco. So things should slow down a bit with the weekend following pretty closely.

On Monday however, pressure is to be expected as I have a long list of things to do, for the company and myself.


One Day at the Med-IT Skhirat, Morocco

BorchuresNot so long ago, I have received an invitation to the Moroccan "Med-IT" IT Salon taking place at the "Palais des Congrès", at Skhirat, a small city between Casablanca and Rabat, where important conferences and meetings take place, and decided to attend since there were to be presentations about Information Security among other things. 

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