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How to Fix Spotify Crashes

Question! How to fix Spotify client crashes on Debian based GNU/Linux distributions, possibly even other distributions.

Answer! Launch Spotify client with the following argument.

spotify --no-zygote

Note! This is for terminal, you can however edit your desktop environment's menu entry for Spotify to reflect the mentioned command. Have a good one!


Batch Image Resize

Question! How to resize multiple images at once.

Answer!  You will first need a tool called ImageMagick, so bring up the console and type in the following command to install it :

apt-get install imagemagick

 Then type the following command in the console :

for i in $( ls *.jpg); do convert -resize 50% $i re_$i; done


Mounting ISO files

Question! How to mount an ISO image file so that you can read its content.

Answer! Type the following command in the console :

mount -o loop <ISO file> <target directory>

Note! Replace <ISO file> and <target directory> by the corresponding names.


Run a JNLP file (Java)

Question! How to run a jnlp file under terminal.

Answer!  Open up a console or terminal then type the following command :

sudo apt-get install icedtea-netx

Then type the following command always in the console while in the target file's directory :

javaws filename.jlnp

Note! Replace "filename" by the name of the file you want to run.


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